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The complete reference for Dema, decentralized e-commerce marketplace

An e-commerce market built on smart contracts to dramatically reduce prices and give control and ownership to users

Payments and Wallet

Wallet and payments experience that is seamless, gasless and effortless

Dema Wallet

Information on the Dema wallet, including setup, usage, and security features

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Payment Methods

Guide to the different payment methods accepted on Dema and how to use them.

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Core LibrariesCore Libraries

Account and Data Management

Data ownership, privacy and security that you control and deserve

Core LibrariesCore Libraries

Privacy and Data Sovereignty

Understand how your data is stored, managed, and protected on Dema using advanced decentralized technologies

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Account Management

Instructions on managing your Dema account, including personalization and security settings

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Ownership and governance

 The marketplace owned and controlled by its users 

Ownership in Dema

Ownership provides perpetual and preferential access to the Dema network. This access is obtained by contributing to Dema by being a shopper, seller, builder, backer, referee etc. We denote this contribution in points.

Earn ownership in Dema

Earning and Using Dema Points

Detailed guide on how to earn Dema points through various activities on the platform and the multifaceted benefits they offer

Guide to earning points

Governance & Community Participation

Understanding the role of governance in Dema, how you can participate in policy changes, and the future prospects of decentralized governance.

Dema Governance
Nodes SetupNodes Setup